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And now a word from the organizers

ESA invites you to return to Vaxjo, Sweden for our first winter event! The doors to the event area are open from Saturday morning, February 17th until Sunday, February 25th. Hotel check-in will already be open Friday afternoon. The stream is planned to run from afternoon of February 20th to the evening of the 24th.

Read the rules and about everything else you need to know about them here: Submission Thread

For question regarding the submission, game selection and scheduling process, please contact either Fatzke#4192, eTholon#5871 or IrregularJinny#2406 on the ESA Discord Server.

Moving forward

As already stated in the original post about the submission process,
we will reopen game submissions for chase games (info here) again between Monday, November 20th and (including) Saturday, November 25th.